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About the Dubi Shiff Art Collection

The Dubi Shiff Art Collection is a private art collection spawned by Dubi’s great appreciation and love of art. In the past twenty years, it has focused on figurative-realist art, providing exposer for the artists working in this genre and the wide range of the figurative language. This is discernible in works which address traditional themes, such as landscape, portraiture, and still life, as well as in other works that deviate from traditional painting and adhere to the contemporary art scene.

The activities relating to the collection and to the figurative-realist genre, such as the annual “Haim Shiff Award for figurative-realist Art, granted in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the two-year research fellowship, various loans, exhibitions, and additional grants and awards, are all targeted to support figurative-realist art, to highlight its uniqueness and its significant role in the contemporary art scene. Since 2012, the collection has been curated by Iris Barak.

A special attention is given to Portraiture; self-portraits, portraits of the artist’s immediate family, mistresses and lovers.

“…at the heart of the portrait as an artistic trope stands a complex relationship between the appearance of the human origin and its plastic representation.
As any other artistic genre, the painted portrait reflects a representation of what is perceived by the painter, a situation that summons various philosophical questions regarding the relationality of the painter’s perception, and his subsequent creative decisions.”
— Excerpt from Dr. Aya Lurie, “On the definition of the portrait and its boundaries in the Dubi Shiff Art Collection”, cat. Selected Artworks from the Shiff Collection (Tel Aviv: Leonardo Art Hotel, 2017).

The History of the Collection

The history of the Shiff Collection dates back to the 1950s, when the late Haim Shiff—Dubi Shiff’s father—supported Israeli artists by purchasing their works for display in the hotels owned by the Shiff Group. Notable among these artists was Moshe Givati (in 2006, a comprehensive solo show of his work was held by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art). Following in his father’s footsteps, Dubi Shiff has greatly expanded the collection, and has turned its focus on figurative realist works.